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African animals coloring pages

Africa is a magnificent continent rich in natural resources. It is home to some of the world’s most beloved and feared animals: hippos, tigers, lions, giraffes, elephants… They are all diversified here because of the different conditions.

Africa has a desert in the north and a more humid climate in the middle that allows plants to grow. All these species are thus present. Many African animals are not found elsewhere, particularly in Madagascar: this is known as endemism. Contrary to what many people think, despite the hot, dry conditions of the Sahara desert, the species are quite rich. In fact, they are mainly distributed around the oases. Here you’ll find small animals such as reptiles and insects, mammals and birds. Some parts of the desert are more habitable than others. Some large species inhabit these desert regions and have developed adaptations to cope with the rigors of the Saharan heatwave. In the wettest part of Africa, you’ll also encounter insects, mammals, reptiles, birds and much more. It’s also home to savannah animals such as zebra, antelope, elephant, lion and leopard. Offer your child a fun activity with the African animal coloring pages available as a free download.