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Angel coloring pages

The word angel comes from the Latin angélus, meaning God’s messenger. Angels act as intermediaries between God and man.

Angels are fabulous beings

Angels are invisible to the naked eye, except in dreams. They are spiritual beings who live in the heavens. Several monotheistic religions admit the existence of these divine creatures. In the Christian religion, for example, angels exist to praise and serve God.

The latter always act in accordance with divine will. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, these celestial beings also serve mankind. Indeed, God has given humans the power to command them.

The celestial hierarchy classifies angels into several categories. We have angels, archangels, cherubim and seraphim. Archangels are elevated to an honorary rank because of the role they play. They generally have a specific and particular mission. Everyone has a guardian angel to protect them.

Tips for successful angel coloring

When we see an angel in a dream, it has a human appearance and spreads its wings. Sometimes this being is surrounded by a halo of light and carries a starry wand. The coloring will depend on the image. We recommend coloring the dress and wings in white. Hair color depends on individual taste.