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Ant coloring pages

The feminine name “ant” derives its meaning from the classical Latin formica. Like wasps and bees, ants, members of the Formicidae family, belong to the Hymenoptera order. What’s more, the way ants organize their lives is quite similar to that of humans. As proof, these insects are characterized by a good division of labor and excellent communication.

Ants are small insects that can carry more than 25 times their own weight. These insects can take refuge almost anywhere and live in colonies. Each includes a queen, workers and males. The queen and her colony can live up to 30 years. Workers can live from 1 to 3 years. However, males do not live more than a few weeks.

Moreover, ants will eat anything, and are therefore called omnivores. In the wild, they feed on aphids (which protect them) and other small hemipteran insects.

Ants also feed on honeydew produced by small invertebrates, dead or alive, and on the sap of various plants and fruits. Ants are also scavengers, removing the carcasses of decomposing animals. Download our wide range of free Ant coloring pages.