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Ant-Man coloring pages

Ant-Man is a production of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film is about Scott Lang, who served three years in prison for burglary. After his release, Scott looks for a job so he can visit his daughter Cassie. Despite his desire to get back on track, he ends up agreeing to team up with his former partner Luis to rob a safe.

Scott puts in place a plan that allows him to pull off his coup without much difficulty. However, he finds nothing of interest except an old wetsuit, which he takes with him anyway. When he wears it, he discovers that the outfit has the power to shrink.

What’s more, he hears the voice of Hank Pym, the suit’s owner. Frightened, Scott decides to return the garment to its original position. Unfortunately, he is surrounded by the police, who are waiting for him at the door of the Pym house.

So Hank Pym asks him to postpone the suit for an easy escape. And so begins a long collaboration between Scott, Professor Pym and his daughter Hope van Dyne. The mission is first to free Madame Janet Pym, trapped in the quantum world, and then to preserve the existence of the suit.

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