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Aquaman coloring pages

Aquaman is a superhero from the DC Comics universe. Descended from the civilization of the city of Atlantis, it was created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger.

Who is Aquaman?

A character from the DC comics universe, Aquaman is a half-human, half-Atlantean hybrid. In fact, he was born of the relationship between the Queen of Atlantis and a human. He is then abandoned on earth to avoid being killed in the kingdom of Atlantis after a coup d’état. Taken in by dolphins, then by Arthur Curry, a lighthouse keeper, he learns to live on land and in the Atlantic Ocean. Following an attack by the warriors of Atlantis in search of him, Aquaman decides to find his kingdom, which is supposed to have disappeared. Endowed with superhuman strength, he also possesses many gifts, such as the ability to speak telepathically with marine animals. Its adaptability means it can live both underwater and on land.

Color Aquaman

With his gold and green costume, reminiscent of fish scales, Aquaman has long blond hair in the DC comics. With his trident inherited from his royal lineage, he’s perfect for your kids if they love superheroes.