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Australian animal coloring pages

Australia is famous for its rich fauna, made up of many endemic species: mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. As a result, the country is ideal for those wishing to observe animals in their natural environment. Which means you won’t find them anywhere else. The most emblematic species you’re likely to encounter in their natural habitat are kangaroos, wallabies and koalas.

With the help of a professional guide, you can also see rarer species such as wombats, echidnas and platypuses. Australia is home to many of the world’s most dangerous reptiles and insects. In the north, near Darwin and Cairns, estuarine and river crocodiles are protected species and the object of much curiosity. What’s more, Australia’s underwater fauna is also very rich, with coastlines bordering several major oceans. Don’t miss the humpback whale migration around Fraser Island or south of Perth. You’ll also have the chance to swim with whale sharks at Exmouth. Scuba diving enthusiasts will appreciate the richness and density of the underwater fauna. Discover our wide selection of Australian animal coloring pages for free download.