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backhoe colouring pages

The backhoe loader is a piece of construction equipment consisting of an excavator and a wheel loader. This heavy-duty vehicle is fitted with a bucket at the end of its two-part articulated arm. It is used to dig and bring soil to the surface. The backhoe loader was invented in July 1947 by Vaino J Holopainen and Roy E Handy Jr.

The very first model of backhoe loader took the form of a small backhoe, launched just after the development of the hydraulic system. It was not until a year later, after the two engineers had succeeded in setting up the Wain-Roy company, that the design was patented. Backhoe loaders are still very popular on construction sites because of their ability to combine the three functions of a construction machine in a single unit.

This enables site managers to mobilise fewer machines on site for the same work. This means the backhoe loader can be used for a wide range of worksite projects, including small-scale drilling, ditch digging, snow clearance and a variety of landscaping projects. This digging machine is also ideal for excavation, trenching and foundation work.

The backhoe loader can also be used to transport materials on a construction, demolition or deconstruction site. When it comes to landscaping, a backhoe loader is ideal for excavation and digging work. Backhoe loaders are even more stable than other heavy-duty machines.

Equipped with hydraulic stabilisers, they can transport heavy materials without losing their balance. Backhoe loaders are also effective for laying pipes during drilling and earthmoving operations.

It is also very useful for laying underground telephone cables. The main manufacturers of backhoe loaders in Europe and the United States include Caterpillar (CAT), a company founded in 1925, John Deere, which dates back to 1837, and JCB, founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford (JCB) in 1945.

Are mini diggers one of your little ones’ favourite toys? If so, they’ll love colouring in the lovely backhoe drawings available on our site, which you can print out free of charge.