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Black Widow coloring pages

In the Marvel comics universe, Black Widow is the superhero name of the fictional character played by Natacha Romanoff. It’s also the title of the film inspired by his story. The heroine is a former Russian spy turned member of the Avengers.

Exceptionally fit, she excels in weapons handling and hand-to-hand duels. During a trip to Germany, a division arises following the signing of an agreement imposed by the United Nations. She sides with Iron Man, an influential member of the Avengers, to uphold the law.

However, Natacha decides to break the rule to free her superhero friends arrested by the UN. She went on the run and took refuge in Norway. She receives a suitcase containing a top-secret substance of interest to the taskmaster character known as “The Killing Machine”.

After escaping, Natacha realizes that the accessory comes from her sister Yelena, also from the ” blackwidow ” program. The two women discover that the Red Room (where they were trained) is still in operation. So they enlist the help of super-soldier Alexei Shostakov and spy Malina Vostokoff. Their intention is to make this house disappear for good in order to free the other black widows still trained there.

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