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Brain coloring

The brain is one of the main organs of the nervous system in living beings. This applies to both humans and bilaterian species. It represents an organic part of the body located in the cranial system.

It is located precisely in the head and is adequately protected by the skull. This organ is the most important and crucial in the human system. This is because it interferes with the regulation of nerves, muscles and all other cognitive functions. It consists of several brain cells linked by protoplasmic fibers. A great deal of research is being carried out to understand how this organ functions. However, neither scientific nor philosophical research can explain the link between brain function and the human mind. The brains of mammal species differ, even if the basic structure is similar. It’s also important to note that the size of the brain generally increases with the size of the body. Human brains are therefore different from those of elephants, gorillas, cats, dogs and even smiles.

To help your child learn more about the structure of the brain, you can print out our free Brain coloring pages.