Children coloring pages

Bull coloring pages

The bull is an animal belonging to the bovid family. Domesticated for centuries, it is characterized by its short coat and robust body. It also has two horns on its head. Adult bulls can weigh up to a ton. It can also be around 1.50 m long. The bull is not to be confused with the cow, which is his female and has similar characteristics.

Today, the bull is used as a fighting animal. They are also used in many sports, such as Camargue racing, rodeo and bullfighting. According to many preconceived ideas, the animal hates the color red. What needs to be explained, however, is that these bulls have trouble distinguishing colors. Unlike humans, they have two cones in their retina. So, if the bull gets excited, it’s because of the agitation of the red sheet, not because he perceives the color.

The only way to help your child distinguish between cows and bulls is to give them bull-type coloring pages. During the exercise, he’ll be able to see for himself the differences between the two animals. If he gets lost, you can offer to help. This will strengthen your family ties and show that you’re interested in what he’s passionate about: drawing.