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Bulldog coloring pages

Originally from England, the Bulldog (or English Bulldog) is a very special dog. Literally, “bulldog” comes from two words: “bull” and “dog”. The breed comes from the fighting dogs used against bulls. The story goes back to the Middle Ages.

Years later, the English Bulldog almost died out. It took a group of breeders to get interested. They began to work on his character, eliminating any trace of aggression. As a result, this dog is now a very friendly pet. Above all, it is gentle and perfectly balanced.

Stocky, powerful and massive, it has a larger head than its size. It is also easily recognized by its short muzzle and very dark, round eyes.

As you probably know, dogs are the most domesticated animals in France. You’ll find them on practically every street. Certainly, your child has already had one, or dreams of having one at home. If that’s the case, you can feed his appetite with Bulldog coloring pages. If possible, assist him in his exciting activities. You can also help him match colors in drawings to get good results.

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