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Christmas tree colouring pages

The Christmas tree is an essential symbol of the Christmas season in many countries around the world. For centuries, people have used Christmas trees to celebrate this Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus.

The Christmas tree is generally a coniferous tree, usually a spruce, fir or cedar, decorated with garlands, baubles, stars and other ornaments. Some people also add lights and figurines of Christmas characters such as Father Christmas and his elves.

The origins of the Christmas tree go back to ancient times, when the Celts and Germans celebrated the winter solstice by decorating trees with garlands and offerings to the gods. Later, in the Middle Ages, European Christians adopted this tradition and associated it with Christmas.

Today, the Christmas tree is a central feature of most Christmas celebrations. It is often placed in homes and public buildings, and is often accompanied by other Christmas decorations such as wreaths and candles.

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