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A trade is defined as an activity carried out professionally in a specific sector, with a view to making a living from it. This specialization requires the acquisition of a certain level of skills and experience. Guy le Boterf defines the profession according to 4 main attributes:

A specialization that requires the combination of a number of sharp skills (e.g. computer engineering, financial sciences, etc.).
A set of rules specific to a profession (e.g. accounting principles).
A socio-professional identity (being a judge, banker, engineer, doctor, etc.).
A wide range of career prospects for advancing in your chosen profession.

Professional skills are acquired after several years of training and practice. Professional qualifications vary according to skills, level of training and experience.

It is a condition of professional remuneration. Workers in the same sector are therefore not (necessarily) all at the same level. The best qualified and most experienced employees are often better paid than others.

First of all, we can classify trades into two broad categories, whatever the country. On the one hand, there are private-sector workers. They do not depend on the rulers. On the other hand, there are public sector workers. They are called civil servants and work on behalf of the State.

We can also categorize trades into three main sectors:

Primary (for trades related to agriculture and livestock breeding) ;
Secondary (for industrial and craft trades) ;
Tertiary (for everything to do with services and commerce in general).

The exercise of a legal profession also gives rise to tax liability. Taxation depends on the professional status adopted:

Self-employed professional (lawyer, doctor, free-lance craftsman, etc.) ;
Self-entrepreneur (trader, company founder…) ;
Company employee.

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