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Coloring Yakari

Yakari is a comic strip character created by Job and Derib. The series was first published in 1983 and has been a big hit with young people ever since.

The story takes place on the North American prairies, where Yakari, a young Sioux, lives in perfect harmony with nature and the animals. He has the unique ability to communicate with them thanks to a blessing from the great spiritual eagle.

In the course of his adventures, Yakari meets many wild animals and learns life lessons from them through the challenges they present. Each episode offers a moral lesson on themes such as friendship, tolerance, perseverance and respect for the environment.

Yakari is considered a hero for children, because he shows them how to live in harmony with nature and other creatures. The series has been translated into several languages and is available as books and animated adaptations.

Is your child a fan of Yakari’s adventures? Give them a new experience with Yakari coloring pages, so they can relive the most magical moments of the series off-screen. Choose and download the models that appeal to you, because it’s free!