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Colouring fox

In animated films, foxes are often portrayed as villains. Cartoons with fox characters include Mr Fox. But foxes aren’t just to be found in animated children’s films. There are also foxes in fables and fairy tales.

Mr Fox tells the story of a pair of foxes who steal poultry from all around the forest. But one day, they decide to stop everything and live a peaceful life with their son Ash. After 12 years of a peaceful life on the straight and narrow, the constraints of an idyllic life are weighing on Mr Renard, who wants to go back to being a thief. He resumes his bad habits when his nephew Kristofferson pays him a visit.

Mr Fox’s return as a thief puts his family and the entire animal community in danger. He wants to steal cider from three farmers who are desperate to get their hands on him. Together with the community, Mr Fox decides to fight not only the farmers, but also Rat, his old enemy.

The Fables of the Fox and the Stork tells the story of a fox and a stork who trap each other by inviting each other to dinner. When the Fox invites the Stork, he prepares some broth that the Stork cannot eat because of his beak. When she invites the fox, she serves him meat cut into very small pieces that he cannot eat because of his snout.

Foxes are great fun to colour in. Why not boost your child’s creativity with fox colouring pages? You can download the drawings and print them free of charge.