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Colouring witches

Witches are young women with magical powers who have a reputation for being evil. They have inspired a number of films and cartoons in which witches can also be nice people. These animated films include Aya and the Witch, Mary and the Witch’s Blossom and the Trix, three wicked witches in the Winx saga.

Aya is a little girl who has spent her life in an orphanage since she was born. She lived there in peace, loved and cuddled, unaware that her mother possessed magical powers. Very lively and intelligent, Aya enjoys life at the orphanage with her friend Custard. But one day, a couple comes to adopt her and she has to follow them. Aya has no idea that this strange couple are actually sorcerers.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower is a Japanese animated film. It tells the story of Mary, a young girl who has just arrived at her great-aunt’s house. When she goes for a walk in the forest, she discovers a flower called “the witch’s flower”, which only blooms every seven years. Thanks to the flower, Mary acquires magical powers and enters a school of magic high above the clouds, as the secrets of the flower are gradually revealed to her.

Among the most popular witches are the Trix. A trio made up of Stormy the Storm Witch, Icy the Ice Witch and Darcy the Illusion Witch. The witches are desperate to seize the powers of Bloom, the leader of the winx.

There are plenty of stories about witches to remind you of Halloween. Download witch colouring pages for your child and print them out for free.