Children coloring pages

Dora the Explorer coloring pages

Dora the Explorer is a great adventurer who helps little ones discover the world. Teaching them English, Spanish and/or French, she is adored by all.

Who is Dora the Explorer?

With her faithful babouche companion, her backpack and a map, Dora travels around the world. Her adventures are joyful and unique, as she goes to the rescue of her friends. Chipeur the fox is a wicked yet good-hearted character who tries to complicate Dora’s adventures. However, with the phrase “chiipeur arrête de chiper”, he escapes and leaves the loot. Dora continues her successful exploits, teaching viewers new English and Spanish words.

Why Dora the Explorer coloring pages?

Here, children color Dora and her friends on their adventures. By using a variety of colors, children develop their knowledge of colors. This enables him to hone his senses, as well as his ability to hold a pencil and fill in boxes. This activity will make your child’s heart beat faster. By accentuating the coloring on Dora and her friends, he discovers new acquaintances. Choose Dora the Explorer coloring pages for your child by downloading a variety of free coloring strips.