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Dragon Ball Z coloring pages

Dragon Ball Z is the famous Japanese manga about the exploits of legendary hero Son Goku.

Originally from the planet Vegeta, he was not held in high esteem by his father, the powerful warrior Baddack. He finds his son too weak. However, when Freezer destroys Son Goku’s home planet, he arrives on Earth, where he is raised by Grandfather Son Gohan. The tutor introduces him to the rudiments of martial arts.

As he progresses, Son Goku defeats powerful enemies who have come from other planets to conquer Earth. Take Piccolo, for example, with his green skin, antennae and white cape. Vegeta, a powerful warrior in Freezer’s service, arrives late in his space capsule to fight Son Goku. He is defeated and befriends Baddack’s son.

Later, other enemies such as Cell, Freezer and the mighty pink bubblegum Boubou arrive, but are defeated by the hero and his friends. Son Goku later becomes the father of a son he has with his wife Chichi. He calls him Son Gohan. He also becomes a powerful Saiyan warrior.

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