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Dragon Tales coloring pages

Dragon Tales is a Canadian-American animated series designed to educate preschoolers. Created by Jim Coane and John Mariella, this animated TV series comprises 3 seasons and 93 23-minute episodes.

It focuses on the exploits of Emmy and Max. These two siblings possess an enchanted dragon stone. The latter has the ability to transport them to a moody fantasy land. The territory is inhabited by colorful anthropomorphic dragons reciting a rhyme.

Emmy and Max are friends with four friendly dragons: Ord, Cassie, Zak and Wheezie. The two siblings often visit Dragon Land and help their friends carry out special missions. They learn important mores through their experiences with Dragon Land’s educational fantasy.

In the last few seasons of Dragon Tales, a new character by the name of Enrique made his debut. The latter provides the series with a third protagonist. Emmy and Max often embark on adventures with their four anthropomorphic friends to achieve particular goals, despite the difficult situations that prevent them from doing so.

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