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Feather coloring

The quill pen has been used as a writing tool since Antiquity. It consists of a thin, flexible rod, generally made of metal or plastic, fitted with a tip that can be made of metal, plastic or natural fibers. The nib is used to write on paper or other media, leaving a trace of ink.

Over the centuries, the feather has undergone many changes. Today, there are many types of feathers, each adapted to a specific use. You’ll find dry ink nibs, ballpoint nibs, fountain pens and calligraphy nibs.

The nib is a writing tool much appreciated for its finesse and precision. It allows you to achieve beautiful handwriting and express your creativity through handwriting. It is also much appreciated by artists and calligraphers for its ability to draw beautiful letters and delicate designs.

Despite the advent of computerized writing, the quill pen remains a writing tool appreciated by many for its personal touch and vintage charm. It is also often used to write letters and invitations, or to sign official documents.

Would you like to offer your child a new play activity? Teach him to color a feather. You can download the design that inspires you from our wide selection of feather coloring free of charge.