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Field hockey coloring pages

Field hockey is a friendly, fun sport. In most cases, it is played on grass. The principle is simple: two teams play against each other, trying to maneuver a ball into the opponent’s goal. To do this, players use sticks.

There are several types of field hockey, the best known of which are :

  • field field hockey;
  • ice hockey ;
  • rink field hockey.

However, field field hockey is the most popular type of sport. The game developed gradually in England between 1849 and 1860. It then spread throughout the British Empire. It is currently practiced in many European countries. Early games featured two posts in the ground, a bit like today’s goals, which served as targets for throwing the ball.

Ice hockey, on the other hand, originated in North America. Today, it is generally practiced in the United States, Canada, Russia and a few European countries.

If your child enjoys watching field hockey competitions, it would be ideal to print out field hockey coloring pages to keep them entertained. You can download our wide selection of field hockey coloring pages free of charge.