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Green Lantern coloring pages

Green Lantern is a comic strip published by DC Comics and created by the ingenuity of Batman writer Bill Finger. In the very first version, “The Golden Age”, which appeared in 1940, the name Green Lantern was attributed not only to the heroes, but also to secondary characters.

The Green Lanterns are a clan of galactic policemen whose mission is to restore order to the entire universe. They draw their power from a ring, which is a kind of catalyst. Holders of the ring have the ability to fly, breathe in space, translate any language and materialize any object. All they need is a strong will. By the way, the rings are designed for people who can overcome their screams. It’s the only way to belong to the Green Lantern team. After 24 hours, the ring must be recharged by a green lantern created by the Guardians of the Universe. They designed the lantern that serves as the central battery and installed it on Oa, the Green Lanterns’ home planet.

Numerous actors have played the lead role in Green Lantern over the years. There’s been Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and so on. If your child loves these superheroes, download the free Green Lantern coloring pages. They contain representations of all the characters and symbolic objects.