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He-Man coloring pages

He-Man is the main character in the American animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Released in the 2000s, the series comprises 39 episodes. It features a valiant teenager who has become the most powerful man in the universe. Its first objective is to fight the forces of evil.

For several years, the troops of Keldor (King Randor’s brother) terrorized the peaceful populations of Eternia. Fortunately, King Randor managed to imprison them. A victim of his own spell, which destroyed his face, Keldor becomes Skeletor. 20 years after his captivity, the latter is more dangerous than ever and is rebuilding his evil group to threaten the planet once again.

To protect the people, the Witch, guardian of the Castle of Shadows, makes the magic sword available to Prince Adam. This sword transforms the teenager into a powerful being called Musclor. To assume his warrior form, he must raise his weapon, shouting “By the power of the ancestral skull, I hold almighty strength”. Adam becomes a muscular man ready to face any danger.

With his battle tiger Gringer and loyal magician Orko, Musclor will defend the castle from Skeletor’s troops. The battles are epic, with captivating special effects.

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