Children coloring pages

Islam coloring pages

Islamic coloring is an excellent activity for children. They can learn about Islam and its tenants while having a good time. What’s more, these coloring pages allow them to develop their creativity.

Introduction or history of Islam coloring

The Islamic religion emerged around the 6th century, at the time of the prophet Mohammed in Arabia. Just a few centuries after the death of the Prophet Mohammed, the religion now has a large number of followers all over the world. The evolution of Islam has had a negative impact on the political and economic plans of many nations.

Speaking of Islamic coloring pages, they can be used to teach children about different aspects of Islam, such as prayer, Ramadan, zakat and hajj. These coloring pages can also be used to show children the various Islamic symbols, such as the lunar crescent and the eagle.

Teach your child to make Islamic coloring pages

There are many ways to teach your children to color. You can start by showing them which colors to use for a character or object. Then let them try it for themselves under your supervision. Once they’ve understood how to apply it, let them color their Islamic designs.