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Karate coloring pages

Karate is a martial art discipline that originated in Japan. It has its origins in the kingdom of Ryūkyū and is developing to become an Olympic sport in 2021. The aim of this discipline is to enable its practitioners to defend themselves against attacks. Many people learn the techniques of karateka, which are essentially based on several precepts.

This martial art admits two different forms of retaliation: pre-attack and post-attack. To learn karate, fighters can choose from a number of areas that best suit their predilections. These include Katas, Kihon and Kumite. Katas are structured sequences that enable Karate practitioners to defend themselves in real combat. It’s a real dance of movement, with precise, coherent gestures.

However, before learning these methods, you need to master a few basic techniques. These are, among other things, classified in the Kihon domain. Kumite is a branch of karate practiced in groups.

Introduce your children to this martial art with Karate coloring pages. For this purpose, you can download a variety of colors from our catalog.