Children coloring pages

Lego coloring pages

Now a popular distraction tool, Lego is considered the ultimate toy for children. They allow him to cultivate both his creative and innovative genius. In Danish, the word Lego comes from two words: Leg and Godt, which mean “play well“!

The origins of Lego

Known today as LEGO, the parent company of these toys has its origins in Billund, a town in Denmark. History reveals that sales of these legendary toys have been in full swing since 1932. At that time, the LEGO group was just the workshop ofOle Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter who produced furniture for local farmers.

Following a fire that destroyed his workplace and caused huge losses due to the economic crisis, this expert woodworker began miniaturizing his work. This led to the advent of LEGO. You all know the rest of the story.

Lego coloring

Coloring is a fun activity for children of all ages. If you’re a Lego enthusiast, combining these two activities for a Lego coloring book would be very beneficial for your child. You have a wide choice of Lego coloring pages to print for free. Download them for free and take action!