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Les Supers Nanas coloring pages

Les Supers Nanas is an American cartoon created by Craig McCracken. Produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The series centers on the adventures of three sisters who look like little girls. Their names are : Belle, Bulle and Rebelle.

Each of these sisters has her own character. Belle, the trio’s leader, is strong, determined and responsible. She watches over her sisters and can breathe fire and ice.

As for Bulle, she’s optimistic and sensitive. A little naive, she sees the good in everyone, even gigantic monsters. She also has superpowers that enable her to communicate with animals. As for Rebelle, she’s what we call a “tomboy”. As her name suggests, she’s stubborn and loves a fight. She takes her superpowers very seriously. The strongest of the three Super Nanas, she’s afraid of absolutely nothing, except spiders.

Does your child love cartoons featuring female characters? If so, he’ll love the Super Nanas coloring pages. These can be downloaded free of charge from the platform. Your child can color his favorite heroine according to the colors of her clothes in the cartoon.