Children coloring pages

Lighthouse coloring

Widely used in the maritime sector, lighthouses are signalling systems that help you find your way. Usually located on the coast, lighthouses illuminate a tower and enable ships to avoid dangerous areas. Thanks to their lighting, boats and ships reach their destinations without a hitch. Its magnificent sentinels are made of stone and resistant materials.

Strong and durable, the lighthouse can withstand waves, sea battering and strong winds. A lighthouse can reach up to several hundred meters. Featured in children’s books and comic strips, lighthouses give captains a sense of reassurance. They allow him to lead his crew safely to port, despite the darkness of the night.

If your child loves lighthouses and their lights, you can give them a coloring book with the sentry drawing. Children can use different colored pencils to enhance their drawings. There are various lighthouse design templates available for free download online. You can also spend time with your child while coloring. Don’t hesitate to help your little one find the right colors to harmonize his art.