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Mario coloring pages

Mario is a famous Nintendo video game character. When he first appeared in 1981 in version I (Donkey Kong) of the game, he was known as Jumpman and was a carpenter by trade. It was only two years later, with the release of Super Mario Bros, that the mascot was introduced to the world as a plumber.

The Mario character is represented by a white man with blue eyes and a large moustache. He’s dressed in red and blue, wearing white gloves and a red cap with the initial “M” in front. With the moustache and gloves, the problems associated with modeling the character’s teeth and fingers are solved.

Mario is of Italian origin and aged between 24 and 25. He has a twin brother called Luigi and a daughter called Harmonie. Harmonie is also known as Rosalina and Rosetta in Quebec and Japan respectively. She is distinguished by her platinum-blond hair and blue eyes.

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