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Mother’s Day coloring pages

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days each year in many countries. It’s one of the best occasions to honor mothers.

The origins of Mother’s Day

This celebration dates back to ancient times. Among the Greeks, the goddesses Rhea and Gaia were honored with annual festivities. As for the Romans, they organized a ceremony called “Matraliae”, to pay tribute to women and mothers. The festival spread around the world after the First World War.

Mother’s Day

Although the date varies from country to country, most celebrate it in May. In France, for example, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May, or exceptionally on the first Sunday in June. Some Middle Eastern countries celebrate it on the March equinox.

It takes place on the second Sunday in May in countries such as Canada, Germany, the United States and Brazil. In Ireland and the UK, it takes place three weeks before Passover. It’s a celebration of flowers and tender words. Take advantage of our free downloadable coloring pages to bring to life the love you have for moms.