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In its truest sense, nature refers to everything that is not designed by the hand of man. It can also be described as natural, i.e. anything that is not artificial or synthetic. The physical world that surrounds us can thus be called nature as long as it has not undergone our intervention. Nature is made up of flora and fauna.

In an ideal world, nature would also be like a preserved, untouched environment in which different species evolve. Nature includes: on the one hand, animals and plants, and on the other, the environment in which they evolve on Earth (in forests, waters, mountains, etc.).

Commonly, nature includes :

The Earth (our natural refuge) and its biophysical environment (continents, oceans, forests, mountains, hills and even deserts).
Wilderness sites that have not yet been developed (e.g. the Amazon forest).
The physical forces and laws that characterize our planet (gravity, weather, etc.). The same goes for all the natural cycles, which operate without human intervention and contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem and the earth’s biosphere.
The natural environment that makes up our planet (water, air, soil, sea, minerals, etc.),
The living beings that inhabit the Earth: individuals, animals of different species and plants.
Earth’s great natural and episodic cataclysms (ice ages, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, continental drift, lunar and solar eclipses, etc.).

To this day, Earth is the only planet known (officially) to harbor various forms of life. Its natural attributes make it a fascinating and valuable subject of study for researchers. The Earth, known as the blue planet, is 70% covered by oceans.

Geological and biological processes have helped shape our planet. It is therefore our duty to preserve, respect and protect it.

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