Children coloring pages

Ocean coloring

In geography, the ocean is considered a vast expanse of salt water. Situated between two continents, it is a volume of water that is constantly stirred by marine currents.

There are five different oceans:

  • the Pacific Ocean
  • the Atlantic Ocean
  • the Arctic Ocean
  • the Southern Ocean
  • and the Indian Ocean.

All these oceans form what is commonly known as the world ocean. This includes most of the living species found on Earth. About 50-80% of the population is found here. The world’s oceans produce most of the oxygen we breathe.

Together, the oceans absorb almost a third of the CO2 emissions generated by mankind. This is what causes its acidification. Today, it’s important to distinguish between the ocean and the sea. The differences are particularly noticeable in terms of size and depth. In fact, the ocean is larger and deeper than the sea.

Ocean coloring pages are the perfect gift for a child who loves nature. It’s true that the ocean is often drawn in white and blue. However, your child will be able to use other colors of his choice to entertain himself. He will now be able to recognize the different types of oceans and tell the difference between them and the sea.