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Police coloring

Police organization originated in ancient Egypt. It was made up of valiant slaves considered public property, trained to uphold law and order. Originally, the role of the police was limited to making arrests, controlling crowds and ensuring the safety of high-ranking officers. Later, she was in charge of investigations and ensuring people’s safety.

From the Middle Ages onwards, the role of the police evolved considerably in different countries. Police officers are considered to be civil servants in their own right, and have a position in each municipality. You can recognize them by their uniforms and badges. They welcome local people, receive complaints, patrol, etc. For effective management of public order, several types of police force have been set up. These include urban, military, motorway, maritime, national and international police forces.

For special occasions, offer police coloring pages to your child with a passion for men in uniform. Download our unique and varied font coloring sketches for free, then print. He’ll be able to do some drawing exercises and, at the same time, familiarize himself with police accessories.