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Popeye coloring pages

Popeye is a gruff sailor created by Elzie Crisler Segar in 1929. Tattooed, one-eyed and pipe-smoking, this big-hearted sailor reacts violently when provoked. He shows off his strength and physical stamina to the point of invulnerability. He regularly eats spinach, which gives him strength.

Popeye is also uneducated and occasionally lucid. He’s generally not very bright, as evidenced by his very peculiar language. He confuses verb tenses and persons. He makes numerous syntax and vocabulary errors.

However, Popeye is loyal, brave, close to the poor and even sentimental about Olive Oyl. He constantly flies to the rescue of his fiancée, kidnapped by Brutus. Although he’s dressed as a sailor, and that’s what he does for a living when he first appears, he soon becomes a jack-of-all-trades adventurous hero. He goes from boxer to farmer, from journalist to enlightened dictator.

In the comics, Popeye usually wears a black and red sailor’s shirt with yellow buttons, blue pants and a white cap. He always holds a corncob pipe between his lips.

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