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Princess Sofia colouring pages

Princess Sofia is the story of a little girl from a village in the kingdom of Enchancia whose life changes completely when her mother marries King Roland II. She used to lead a quiet life with her mother after losing her father on a sea voyage. When her mother marries the king, she suddenly becomes a princess.

But learning to play the role of princess to perfection is a tough job. What’s more, his mischievous nature doesn’t make his job any easier and he’s not at all suited to life at the château. What’s more, he also has to deal with his half-sister and half-brother Ambre and James. Fortunately, the three good fairies accompany her on her journey and teach her everything there is to know about being a princess.

When she entered the castle, King Roland II presented her with a gift during his welcome party. This is the amulet of Avalor, which turns out to be endowed with magical powers. The amulet enables Sofia to communicate with the animals and also to make contact with the other Disney princesses. So she befriended Clovis the rabbit, who became her best friend. Thanks to the pendant, Sofia can always count on Cinderella’s advice and support.

A fairy tale isn’t really a fairy tale without its villains. Since arriving at the castle, Sofia has often had to contend with jealousy attacks from her half-sister Ambre. She always finds opportunities to get in her way and put her down. There’s also Cedric, a sorcerer who wants to get his hands on Sofia’s amulet.

Take your little girl on a fairytale princess adventure with the adventures of Sofia. Give her some princess Sofia colouring pages that you can print out for free.