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Russia, or simply the Russian Federation, is a transcontinental federation of states. It’s also the world’s largest country, covering Northern Asia (80% of its surface area) and Europe (20%). The territory stretches over 6,600 kilometers from the Baltic Sea to the Bering Strait, from west to east. Russia covers an area of 17,234,033 square kilometers, representing 11.5% of the earth’s surface.

Due to its vast size, Russia has a wide variety of climates. You’ll find a humid subtropical climate along the Black Sea coast. There’s also the cold climate of the tundra regions bordering the Arctic Circle and Siberia. Finally, this climate is marked by the arid and semi-arid regions of the southern Rennes Desert and the Eurasian Steppe.

With an estimated population of 146 million in 2021, Russia is the ninth most populous country on the planet. Today, the country is a federation of 89 entities, with a division based on that of Soviet Russia. In 2019, Russia was the world’s eleventh-largest economy in terms of nominal GDP and purchasing power parity. Introduce your child to this economic giant by downloading our wide selection of free Russian coloring pages.