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Sonic hails from Robotropolis, formerly Mobotropolis. He and his brothers were in great danger when the evil Dr. Robotnik introduced his technology to the city. This has led to enrichment at the cost of Robotizing the common people to make them slaves.

Queen Eleonor, Sonic’s mother, looked for a way to protect her children. But after visitingDelphine’s oracle, he prophesied that Robotnik would no longer reign. Nevertheless, the fulfillment of the Prophecy demanded that she abandon her children.

Sonic, the eldest, is taken in by a family of stowaways. At the age of five, he passed into the hands of his Uncle Chuck. Sonia, the youngest, grew up in a noblewoman’s home, and Manic, the youngest, grew up a thief. Sonic the blue hedgehog has a superpower. He runs very fast indeed!

The oracle will teach Sonic about his brothers and the power of the 3 medallions each of them carries. With the help of the map given to them by Delphe’s oracle, the 3 heroes set off in search of their mother. But this adventure won’t be easy.

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