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Spring coloring

Among the 4 seasons of the year in temperate climates, spring, betweenwinter andsummer, marks renewal. Its beginning and end vary according to the earth’s poles and the calendars used.

In the northern hemisphere, spring covers the months of March, April and May. In the southern hemisphere, it runs from September to October. According to the Chinese calendar, this period begins in February and ends at the end of April. This subdivision is linked to that of astronomy, which runs from the spring equinox to the summer solstice.

In spring, nature awakens to its full beauty. Rainy and sunny days alternate, and the waterlogged ground is prone to mud. Trees that had lost their leaves during the autumn are coming back to life thanks to the favorable temperatures. The appearance of flowers on fruit trees is also a sign of the season.

Migratory birds that have gone to warmer climates to escape winter are returning to their homelands. Cattle benefit from new, young grasses for their feed. Animals like turtles and hedgehogs emerge from hibernation to enjoy the sunshine.

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