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Super Girl coloring pages

Everyone knows the story of Superman, but few know who Supergirl is. This character from the Arrowverse universe is a retrocontinuity of the series of the hero from the planet Crypton!

Supergirl creators and producers

The superhero series was written by Greg Berlanti and Alisson Adler. Produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Television, the series also benefited from the support of DC Entertainment, the production house for DC comics superheroes.

The character of Supergirl

Kara Zor-El is the cousin of Kal-El, aka Superman. She has been sent to Earth to protect her family member in exile, following the attack on their planet.

However, she arrives 24 years late and her cousin Superman has already become an icon on earth. Wishing to escape the monotony of life on Earth, she too decides to use her powers to protect the inhabitants of her planet of refuge.

Color Supergirl

If your kids are fans of superheroes, more specifically those from the DC comics universe, you can give them a treat by downloading images of Supergirl. With her blond hair and blue-and-red costume similar to that of her cousin Superman, Supergirl looks good fighting super-villains.

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