Children coloring pages

Swan coloring pages

The swan is a member of the Anatidae family. It’s in the same family as goose and duck. However, it looks bigger than these two birds. Today, there are several species of swan in the world. The best known are the Mute Swan and the Black Swan.

The swan is appreciated for two things. First, there’s its majestic allure. Then there are its feathers, which provide quality down. It is also one of the oldest birds on earth. According to scientists, it already existed several million years ago. Today, the swan is considered a symbol of purity. As an adult, it measures between 1.45 m and 1.60 m for a maximum weight of 18 kg. Its life expectancy is 20 years.

Is your child a bird fan? If so, he’d appreciate some swan coloring. For his birthday, these objects are perfect gifts to give him. Thanks to this drawing exercise, he’ll learn to differentiate between ducks and geese. Better still, he’ll be able to recognize the different parts of his body. So don’t hesitate to make her happy with these coloring pages. It’s up to you!

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