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Top model coloring pages

Supermodels are women who work in the world of modelling. They are better paid and more sought after for magazine covers and catwalk shows. The qualification criteria for becoming a “Top Model” are very tough. They must have a dream physique, well-defined measurements and above all be at the cutting edge of fashion.

The supermodels are therefore great fashion icons, so much so that they have been the source of inspiration for several animated films for young girls. Barbie is by far one of the most popular supermodels among little girls. Created in 1959, Barbie models are now marketed all over the world, with outfits that are as fashionable as ever.

Several top Barbie doll models have been the subject of numerous animated films for children. One of these animated films, “Barbie and the Magic of Fashion”, even tells a story in which she plays model to help her aunt. When she is fired from a film shoot, she decides to take a few days’ holiday in Paris with her aunt, the fashion designer Millicent.

Her departure is further encouraged by her break-up with Ken without any explanation. But when she arrives at her aunt’s house, she discovers that the shop is bankrupt and that the premises are going to be owned by a hot dog vendor.

With Alice, Aunt Millicent’s dressmaker, Barbie decides to organise a fashion show and become the supermodel she once was. She also enlists the help of stylist fairies who can embellish outfits.

Barbie’s outfits are each more spectacular than the last. Every little girl dreams of dressing up as their supermodel. Give your child supermodel colouring pages to boost their creativity and passion for fashion. You can download the drawings and print them free of charge.