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As one of the most important educational tools for children, toys are the source of inspiration for some animated films. This is particularly true of Oui-Oui. Oui-Oui is a little boy made of wooden puppets. He lives in his own “home away from home” in Toyland. Every day, he delivers parcels all over town in his car, which also has a personality. This little boy is still wearing his blue hat and yellow scarf with red polka dots.

In each episode of this animated film, Oui-Oui plays with and visits his friends: Mirou, a teddy bear, Nestor Bouboule, also a teddy bear, Zim, Oui-Oui’s and Mirou’s dog, and Potiron, Oui-Oui’s best friend.

Toys are not just a means of entertainment for children. They also play an important role in brain development and learning. These toys shouldn’t be chosen willy-nilly, but with care and according to your little one’s age.

Children aged 3 to 5 are more interested in imitation and imaginative play. Costumes and role-playing games such as dolls, cooks, fire engines and monster trucks are the most popular. At this age, it’s easy for children to develop their imagination, and they love making up stories with figurines, dolls and cars. They’re the perfect toys for your little ones.

Another fun and playful toy is coloring. They come in a variety of themes and categories. There are even coloring pages illustrating the toys your children love. Boost your little one’s creativity with this kind of coloring book, which you can print for free on our website.