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Tulip coloring pages

Tulips are very popular because of their flowers. There are several species throughout the world. Here’s how to make a success of this floral coloring.

The tulip flower

The tulip flower is a true masterpiece of nature. The plant belongs to the lily family. It has long, sturdy stems. However, it has very few leaves. Each stem has a bulb at the end. It is this bulb that later develops into pretty flowers. Some tulip varieties are grown as ornamental plants. The tulip has 3 petals, 3 sepals and 6 stamens. Petals and sepals are usually the same color.

How to successfully color a tulip?

It’s important to take care with your tulip coloring, respecting the contours to avoid any overflow. If the flowers are in a vase, the color of the pot should differ from that of the flower. The plant’s leaves should preferably be colored green. The flowers can be multicolored. If it’s a single flower, choose the color of your choice. Stems can be light green. The leaves will be darker.

However, you can adopt the same color for all the flowers inside the same vase.