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Winter coloring

The winter season precedes the arrival of spring and followsautumn. In the northern hemisphere (where France is located), winter sets in between December 21 and 22. Its arrival coincides with the celebration of Christmas (for Christians) and New Year’s Eve. In southern hemisphere countries, it starts between June 21 and 22.

In winter, temperatures drop to an average of 5.4°C. That’s why it’s known as “the cold season”. The coolest winter season was 1962-1963, when temperatures reached 0.7°C. Winters are characterized by extreme weather conditions. There’s cold weather, snow, fog, storms, frost, etc. It rains heavily, but not as much as in autumn. So the days are shorter than usual and the nights are longer.

During this period, trees lose their foliage (with the exception of fir trees). Animals hibernate and natural activities slow down. The men, on the other hand, are busy preparing for the holidays and making presents for the children. So you can give your child a treat by printing out our wide range of winter coloring pages. It’s free to download and learn to color through fun activities.