Children coloring pages

Yoga coloring pages

Yoga is renowned for its many benefits for the body. It is divided into several sub-disciplines, each made up of several figures.

The word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit “Yug”, meaning “union or method”. In essence, this term means the union of the three parts of the human being: heart, body andmind. This practice is one of the oldest in Asia, and more specifically in India. According to Indian history, the practice of yoga dates back to 5000 BC. Archaeological digs have also uncovered statuettes of yoga postures dating back 5,000 years. The practice gradually spread around the world, arriving in Europe around 200 years ago.

If yoga is flourishing around the world, particularly in Europe, it’s mainly thanks to its benefits for the body. This practice dissipates stress and anxiety. In fact, during the execution of certain movements, the practitioner clears his head. This discipline allows you to be zen. What’s more, this activity helps tone the body and give you a slimmer figure.

If your child loves yoga, you can print out our free coloring figures . By coloring these illustrations, she’ll love the yogic world even more.