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There are many species of animal in the world, each more original and unique than the last. One of children’s favorite activities is visiting zoos, with all the animals from the four corners of the earth. Animals are also the source of inspiration for many animated films, such as “Zootopie” and “The Jungle Book”.

Zootopie tells the story of a town that’s completely original in that its inhabitants include not a single human being, but animals of all species. These animals live in residential neighborhoods, as well as in the disreputable Tundratown. It’s in this Judy Hopps town that a young rabbit begins her career in the police force. But she finds it hard to fit in with her tough colleagues.

When she’s about to be fired, Judy tries to save her job by solving a major missing persons case. But to achieve this, she has to deal with the great con man Nick Wilde, a professional fox in the con game. This Disney crime comedy premiered in 2016. Zootopie even won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2017.

The Jungle Book is the story of a little boy called Mowgli, who lives surrounded by wolves, a black panther called Bagheera and a big bear called Baloo. Mowgli has been taken in by the black panther and raised by a she-wolf who has also just given birth to her children. When the man-eating tiger returns to the jungle, Bagheera takes the little man back to a small village, but he refuses to leave.

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