Children coloring pages

Category - Educational coloring

Educational coloring pages are coloring pages in which children are guided as to which colors to use and which boxes to color. Children have to follow different rules when coloring. For each box in the drawing, there are color codes for the children to use. That’s what makes this kind of coloring more educational. It requires more observation and reflection on the part of the children.

Educational coloring pages come in different shapes for different age groups. For children under three, the drawings are usually funny alphabet pictures. On the other hand, for children aged three and over, educational coloring can be numbers, shapes (square, rectangle, round, rhombus…). For older children, there are even mathematical coloring pages where the color codes still have to be calculated by addition or even multiplication.

Educational coloring pages are available for all levels: preschool, kindergarten and primary school, and also for all subjects: geometry, history, grammar… The themes for each coloring page are very varied: Disney, Christmas, Halloween, animals and many more.

The aim of this type of coloring is simple: observe and decipher the color codes, then color. It’s a fun and educational activity for children. Educational coloring helps children develop their imagination, sense of observation and intelligence. It also encourages attention and concentration, as they focus on the boxes to be colored and the codes to be deciphered.

For children under five, educational coloring helps them recognize colors, shapes, letters and even numbers.

This fun and playful activity is great for your children. Encourage your little ones’ intelligence by downloading and printing the free drawings.