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A landscape is often described as the charm of a country, a region, a city or any other place you can (or must) visit. The environment that surrounds us can also be considered a landscape. Landscape is the subject of in-depth study in various disciplines, including landscape design, geography and topography.

Beyond its purely concrete, visible aspect, landscape can have an artistic meaning, particularly for painters and draughtsmen, but also for writers. In this way, we can speak of imaginary landscapes, as in the case of the novel recounting the story of “Alice in Wonderland”, or that of the adventures of “Peter Pan in the City of Lost Children”.

Landscape is also one of the two orientation options available when you want to print a photo, drawing or document from your computer. In the most common, concrete sense, a landscape is a space covered by our field of vision.

In this way, we can call everything we see around us a landscape. The very notion of landscape is polysemous, and its meaning is becoming increasingly broad.

In a more metaphorical sense, we could use the term “political landscape” or “media landscape” to describe the context and perception of a given period. Little by little, the landscape moves out of its purely territorial context, where the observer sees his surroundings with his feet on the ground.

Beyond this aspect, there are also different types of landscapes:

The night landscape (visible through infrared goggles),
The virtual landscape (visible through virtual reality goggles),
The extraterrestrial landscape (visible from cameras aboard space probes),
The underwater landscape (which can be explored by diving).

If your children are fascinated by landscapes, they’ll certainly be eager to color the wonderful free landscape drawings on our page. You can decide to print them now.