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Transport is a means of moving people or goods. Transportation can be by land, rail, air, river or sea. Transportation plays a major role in the national and global economy. Without transport, no goods will be able to circulate and economic operators will have no chance of investing abroad.
Transportation has existed for millennia, long before the domestication of animals such as draught horses and sled dogs. Little by little, man succeeded in taming the beasts and using them as draught animals. The invention of the wheel enabled transport to develop on land.
The first animal-drawn vehicle was then invented. Animals such as horses, oxen, donkeys, mules, elephants, camels, dromedaries and wolfhounds were used to pull these vehicles and transport supplies. In 1883, Karl Benz created the very first motorized vehicle, the Patentwagen.
The discovery of the steam engine in the 18th
century has also given new impetus to transport modes. As early as the industrial revolution in the 14th century
th century
century, the first generation of locomotives was born and rail transport began to develop.
In maritime terms, the invention of the ship dates back at least 10 millennia BC. Boats of this era were built from hollowed-out tree trunks. From monoxyle dugout canoes, through rowing and sailing galleys, to large motorized cruisers and modern aircraft carriers, boats have undergone incessant revolutions. In August 1803, Robert Fulton is considered the very first inventor of motorized boats.
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Thanks in particular to the ingenuity of the Wright brothers, man was able to overcome the laws of gravity, and the very first airplanes appeared. In July 1969, the boom in aerospace transport even enabled man to walk on the moon and return safely to Earth.
Do your children want to be pilots, car drivers, ship captains or train drivers? If that’s the case, they’ll love coloring in the various transport vehicle designs that can be printed for free on our page.