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From fantasy films to science fiction, to children’s and adults’ favorite superheroes, DC Comics is undoubtedly one of the best publishers in the world of animation. It is an American production company belonging to the Warner Media (or DC Entertainment) conglomerate, founded in 1934 by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson.

DC Comics works are countless. Batman is one of the most famous. It’s the story of a billionaire named Bruce Wayne who hides behind a mask to play the vigilante, but also to avenge the death of his parents. The Batman story exists in film, in cartoon, but above all in comics. For example: “Batman: Dark Knight”, “Batman: The Killing Joke”, …

Wonder Woman, one of the few female superheroes, is also one of DC Comics’ many creations. In reality, Wonder Woman’s name is Diana, a princess of the Amazons, but also a fierce warrior. She begins her life as a vigilante when she meets a pilot who takes her away from her island paradise to join the world at war. Apart from the two highly successful films, numerous comic books have contributed to the superheroine’s success. Wonder Woman: “Gods and mortals”, “Wonder Woman Infinite”, …

And to please its fans, DC comics has grouped all its superheroes together in “The Justice League”. Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, Flash, etc. In fact, it’s the place where all the other kid-loved vigilantes come together to save the world.

If your kids’ favorite form of entertainment is finding their superheroes in movies, cartoons and comics, they’re bound to be even happier with DC Comics coloring pages. Download and print a few images to please them.